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World a better place with more women politicians: says a third of respondents to global poll. Zurich, Switzerland: 08 March 2014 – A global poll, conducted by WIN/Gallup International, the leading association in market research and polling, has revealed that over a third of respondents believe the world would be a better place if politicians were predominantly women. read more

WIN/Gallup International’s annual global End of Year survey shows a brighter outlook for 2014 ORB, as part of the WIN/Gallup International network, undertook fieldwork across 65 countries around the world, asking representative samples in each country how they felt about the upcoming year, which countries they felt were the greatest threat to world peace and how they would feel about women taking a greater role in politics. read more

Accessing the Al Shabaab heartland As a public opinion research agency specializing in complex and challenging environments ORB International often finds that the locations of greatest interest to our clients are also the most dangerous and difficult for us to access. Such was the case with the Somali seaport town of Kismayo, which until 2011 was a stronghold for al Shabaab, the militant Islamist group behind the recent Westgate mall attack in Nairobi. read more

Global Corruption Barometer As part of the worldwide Gallup International group, research was undertaken on behalf of Transparency International among 114,000 adults across 107 countries around the world on views towards corruption. read more

Using GIS Mapping in Aid Evaluation Development aid is a salient topic throughout the Western world. People recognize the importance of international aid programs but many have called for greater accountability of spending and demonstration of the impact that the money has made. The following case study presents our approach to using survey data and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to evaluating the performance of an aid project. read more

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